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Are you a victim of financial fraud?

As an investor, you understand risks may come with investing your money. You may or may not make a profit—you may even lose money. That’s why you may have chosen to hire a financial advisor.

Financial advisors are supposed to work for you and do what they can to make your investment profitable. What happens if your investment is not profitable? Could your financial advisor be at fault?

If you have been consistently losing money, your financial advisor could be fraudulent.

There are various types of investment fraud. The simpler types of fraud involve someone falling for a Ponzi-scheme:

  • Ponzi-schemes and pyramid schemes are among the most common and well-known types of fraud. These usually involve a person you know or a friend of a friend offering you a low-risk investment opportunity that is guaranteed to have a high payout. In these schemes, the investors use initial investment funds to pay off the older investors, until the money runs out.

The more complex types of fraud involve paid financial advisors using improper investing strategies behind your back. This type of fraud is known as the Pump and Dump or Market Manipulation Fraud.

  • Market Manipulation occurs when financial advisors encourage investors to put their money into a certain stock, so the advisor can benefit. This happens when the advisor gives the investor misleading information about the company or alters prices of stock to indicate there is more demand for the security than there is.

If you believe you may be a victim of Market Manipulation, you can reach out to an attorney. You may be able to get some, or all, of your money back and hold your financial advisor accountable for their improper actions.

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