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3 corrupt strategies brokers utilize to boost their commissions

Dishonesty, corruption, underhandedness: you can call it whatever you wish, but these kinds of tactics occur daily in every industry. You expect your broker to be honest and ethical, but that isn’t always the case.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) do their best to regulate brokers, but sometimes, a corrupt one slips through the cracks. Some are smarter than we think and will score big with your money if you aren’t careful.

Are you a victim of financial fraud?

As an investor, you understand risks may come with investing your money. You may or may not make a profit—you may even lose money. That’s why you may have chosen to hire a financial advisor.

Financial advisors are supposed to work for you and do what they can to make your investment profitable. What happens if your investment is not profitable? Could your financial advisor be at fault?

Top signs of investment fraud to look out for

Investors understand how to manage their money and determine which investment opportunities are right for them—and which ones are not.

However, investors also know that each investment comes with a certain level of risk. They do not expect that risk to be in the form of financial fraud, but that is often a dangerous possibility. 

What happened to the music festival that went up in smoke

Imagine that you bought an all-inclusive luxury adventure, but when you showed up, none of it existed and you were trapped on a foreign island with no way to get home. It sounds like the premise for a movie, but it happened to thousands of people in April 2017.

Ticket holders were mostly young, wealthy people who paid thousands of dollars for tickets to the experience of a lifetime in the Bahamas. Instead, the organizers pocketed the money and failed to create any basic safety, infrastructure or even food.

Precious metals Ponzi scheme defrauds over 200 investors

The owner of a rare coin business in Salt Lake City, Utah, has recently been hailed into court by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Futures Trading Commission and the Utah Division of Securities for a precious metals Ponzi scheme that defrauded over 200 investors in sixteen different states. The scheme defrauded investors over $170 million since 2013.

What is a fiduciary duty?

A fiduciary duty is one of the highest duties known to law. The person bestowed with this duty holds another’s confidence and trust. Attorneys, brokers and financial advisors all have similar obligations. They owe their customers loyalty, care and good faith. Breach of fiduciary duty could result in financial disaster for the client.


Investor Alert: Senior Investors At Risk for Fraud

investmentInvestment fraud is nothing new, and unfortunately, it is something American's read about in newspapers and on the web nearly every day. Sadly, many brokerage firms and financial advisors will stop at nothing to make a few extra bucks at the expense of unsuspecting investors, and senior citizens, who are some of our most vulnerable members of society, are often the main target for multiple types of investment fraud.