Were You Recommended Unsuitable Investments?

Financial advisers have been known to recommend unsuitable investments. They often advise young professionals with new portfolios and elderly investors with developed portfolios and retirement accounts to invest in risky, high-risk companies. When investments like these go wrong, an experienced securities litigation attorney can level the playing field — and strive to recoup the investor's losses.

In Chicago, in Illinois statewide and across the U.S., the securities and commodities litigation lawyer who protects investor rights is Laurence M. Landsman of the Landsman Law Firm, LLC.

Since 1994, Laurence Landsman has successfully advocated for investors who were led astray. He has won millions of dollars in damage awards for those clients.

Our law firm needs to speak with you if a financial adviser:

  • Urged you to make investments which implied risks that you were unwilling or unable to absorb
  • Recommended investments that did not match your stated goals
  • Failed to explain your investment's risks
  • Did not gather all information about your risk tolerance
  • Failed to explain the tax implications of your investment strategy options

Did you receive bad investment advice? Were you pushed into an investment that caused financial harm? Laurence M. Landsman can open an investigation to determine whether your broker or adviser acted in your best interests, or whether they acted to increase their own financial gain. If hidden fees or commissions were involved, we can go to court, if necessary, to demand compensation for your financial loss.

Your initial consultation with our skilled investment fraud lawyer Laurence M. Landsman can be arranged by phone at 312-801-5684 or by email message sent from this website.