Don't Fall Victim To Churning

As many defrauded investors can tell you, "churning" consists of the application of excessive commissions to transactions involving traditional securities and traded funds.

Brokers and financial advisors earn commissions or fees from every transaction they oversee. Unfortunately, some brokers attempt to increase these commissions by entering a larger amount of transactions in their clients' accounts.

This is where our skillful trial attorney comes in. Laurence M. Landsman of Landsman Law Firm, LLC, serves investors who have been victims of "churning" in Chicago, in Illinois statewide, and throughout the U.S. This commitment to justice for clients is as strong today as it was when Mr. Landsman began his legal career in 1994.

"Churning" is readily recognized by these primary factors:

  • Uncharacteristic frequency for buying and selling of an account
  • Transactions' failures to meet the investor's objectives
  • Substantial losses on the account
  • Unauthorized trades
  • Repeated sales and purchases of the same security

This unscrupulous activity occurs on accounts through which brokers, financial advisors and other financial professionals have actual or implied discretionary authority. When a financial advisor is given power over a client's assets, and that advisor makes transactions without reporting them to anyone, this behavior amounts to an obvious breach of fiduciary duty that Mr. Landsman works hard to correct.

Were You Victimized By Excessive Commissions? Landsman Law Firm, LLC, Can Help

If you are concerned over losses of large amounts of money, or payments of unwieldy commissions or transaction fees, you may very well have been the victim of financial fraud. Our law firm focuses its quality representation on investors who suffer significant financial loss. We are dedicated to achieving justice for you, inside and outside of the courtroom.

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