Justice For Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Special relationships including business partnerships, a relationship with a legal professional or a professional connection to a broker or financial advisor give rise to what is known as the fiduciary duty. In such relationships, the customer is typically the principal, and the attorney, broker or financial advisory is the fiduciary and therefore the fiduciary owes the customer certain duties.

When you as an investor feel that a fiduciary has violated your trust and that the violation has caused you significant financial harm, the Landsman Law Firm, LLC, will aggressively protect your rights and seek to recover your losses.

When you are concerned that your financial advisor has breached his or her fiduciary duty — the duty of care or duty of loyalty — skillful securities and commodities litigation attorney Laurence M. Landsman can determine whether you have a cause of action. Through aggressive trial representation, he has helped clients throughout the U.S. to recover millions of dollars in losses since 1994.

Has your broker recommended that you invest in a new venture that he or she is a part owner of? In cases like these, Mr. Landsman is highly aware that your investment decision should be based upon complete and honest disclosure. Brokers should never act more in their interests than yours.

The same principle applies if you own a business through a partnership, limited liability company or joint venture. Each partner has a fiduciary duty to the business and its partners. When a partner goes his or her own way, acting in their own best interests rather than those of the company, that duty may have been breached. Mr. Landsman can initiate the threat of business litigation against that partner to stop the improper actions and attempt to recoup any financial damages you suffered.

And depending on the details of your case, we may also be able to initiate a claim for an unsuitable investment. You have options, and our law firm explores all of them, to your benefit.

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