Experienced Class Action Attorney Representing Aggrieved Consumers Nationwide

If you are a consumer who is considering either initiating or joining a class action lawsuit on behalf of an aggrieved group of individuals who feels they've been defrauded in some way — at the state or national level — Landsman Law Firm, LLC, wants to speak with you.

Experienced business, securities and commodities litigation attorney Laurence M. Landsman is no stranger to the courtroom. He has successfully argued a wide variety of cases at trial since 1994. His track record of success is a matter of public record. His clients trust him implicitly. And now he can potentially bring your consumer complaint to public attention, through the Illinois and federal justice system.

Financial harm often impacts a large number of people, investors and consumers among them — and a "strength in numbers" strategy can be used to pursue justice for such a group, in the form of restitution. Our law firm's comprehensive grasp of class action lawsuits extends to:

  • Insider trading that can implicate hedge fund managers, corporate executives, technical experts and corporate attorneys
  • Misrepresentation of investment opportunities by brokers and brokerage firms
  • Market manipulation through rumor-mongering, "heavy selling" or "short selling"

In addition to impressive experience with class actions, Landsman Law Firm excels at aggressive litigation of disputes regarding securities and commodities fraud, business litigation and financial industry disputes statewide and across the country.

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