A Chicago Business Litigation Powerhouse

Whether you are in Chicago, the State of Illinois or are located in another state, Landsman Law Firm, LLC may be able to represent you and your company with your business dispute even before a complaint is filed.

Attorney selection in advance of a lawsuit could not be more important. The legal professional defending your interests before judge and jury should have decades of trial experience in state and federal courts, a clear understanding of your objectives, first-rate investigative access and a recognized talent for thorough case preparation.

He or she should also know how to anticipate and counter-strategies by opposing counsel, and how to persuasively present arguments that resonate at trial.

What you have just read is an accurate description of Laurence M. Landsman's assets and accomplishments as a litigator. Since 1994, the founder of Landsman Law Firm, LLC, has used those unique qualities and credentials to clients' benefits when litigation cannot be avoided.

Are you facing or expecting a business dispute, on any or all of these grounds, that could result in state or federal litigation?

  • Disputes over noncompete, nondisclosure, non-disparagement and severance clauses for employment contracts
  • Claims of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Tortious interference claims
  • Alleged unsuitable investments
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Business fraud
  • Industry disputes, with emphasis on the financial industry
  • Securities arbitration

As his reputation for favorable results and glowing client testimonials attest, Laurence Landsman is the litigation lawyer you can trust to give voice to your side of the story in the courtroom, advance your goals and seek the kind of justice that sends a strong message.

We invite you to bring your important legal issues to us for confidential discussions during an initial consultation. Contact Landsman Law Firm, LLC, by phone at 312-801-5684 or by sending an email from this website.