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Were You Defrauded By A Financial Advisor Or Broker?

Laurence M. Landsman is a results-driven, client-focused lawyer who knows how to use a courtroom to your benefit. If you were steered toward an unsuitable investment, one that caused you to incur significant losses, Mr. Landsman works for the justice you deserve.

Are You Suing Or Being Sued By A Corporate Competitor?

Landsman Law Firm, LLC, provides attentive trial representation to plaintiffs and defendants in disputes that center on allegations of business fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, theft of intellectual property and others — and for clients in the financial industry.

Are You Looking For Someone Who Will Listen To Your Side Of The Story?

Our exceptional litigation law firm welcomes the opportunity to hear your account of financial fraud that may have victimized you, or a distracting and stressful business dispute, or a class action lawsuit you may be contemplating. Call us today or send an email from this website.